Helle Holt (b.1960)

Senior Researcher

Ph.d., Cand.adm.pol

Research unit on labour-market policy

Direct phone: 3348-0948

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Evaluated as qualified as senior researcher
Ph.d. from Institute of Political Science, University of Copenhagen
Visiting scholar: SCANCOR, Stanford University, CA, US
Master in Political Science, University of Copenhagen

Supplementary training

Research Management Course, Copenhagen Business School
Educated as project manager


Senior Researcher at SFI
Senior Researcher and Research Coordinator at Centre for the Inclusive Labour Market
Senior Researcher at SFI
Ph.d. student at SFI
Academic employee at SFI

Research topics

· Corporate Social Responsibility and the Inclusive Labour Market
· Boundaryless and flexible work
· Psychosocial working environment
· The gender segregation at the labour market and at the work place
· Workplace cultures
· The balance between working life and family life

Selected projects

· 2012: Book about time and the boundaryless work. Contributor and editor
· 2010: Anthology about womens and mens wages. Contributor and editor
· 2008: Anthology about the gender segregated labour market. Contributor and editor
· 2007- 2012 Research Project about: Time and the boundaryless work in collaboration with University of Roskilde
· 2004-2008: Research Project about: ICT, Gender and Control in Administrative Work. in collaboration with University of Roskilde
· 2003 – Corporate Social Responsibility – Year books. Project manager for 12 year books.

Selected publications and articles

Danish and international peer reviewed articles
· Grosen, L. S., Holt, H. & Lund, H. (2012): The Naturalization of Gender Segregation in a Danish Bank. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies, vol. 2, no.1. pp. 61-79 E-journal, CBS
· Hvid, H., H.L. Lund, S. Grosen, H. Holt (2010): Associational control: Between self-management and standardisation in the financial sector. Sage. Economic and Industrial Democracy.
· Holt, H. & Lewis Suzan (2009) You can Stand on your head and you still end up with lower pay”- Gliding Segregation and Gendered Work Practices in two Danish Workplaces In Gender, Work and Organizations. Wiley-Blackwell (on-line published)
· Hvid, H., Grosen, S. L., Lund, H. L., & Holt, H. (2008). IT in the Financial Sector and the Reconstruction of Work. I Sznelwar, L., Mascia, F., & Montedo, U. (red.): Human Factors in Organizational Design and Management - IX (s. 347-353). Santa Monica: IEA Press.
· Holt, H. (2004): Corporate Social Responsibility in a Danish Context. In Social Responsibility, vol 1. no. 1.
· Holt, H. & Thaulow, I. (1996): Formal and informal flexibility in the workplace. In Lewis, S & Lewis, J. (eds.): The Work - Family Challenge. Rethinking Employment. SAGE Publications. pp.79-93
Peer reviewed books and reports:
· Madsen, M.B., Holt, H., Jonassen, A.B., Schademan, H.K. (2010): Kvinder og mænd i den offentlige sektor – Karrieremønstre, lederønsker og ledermuligheder.[Women and Men in the Public Sector – Career Patterns], København: SFI 10:09
· Holt, H., H. Hvid, S.L. Grosen, H. Lund (2009): IT, køn og kontrol i administrativt arbejde.[IT, gender and psycho social working environment in administrative work], København: SFI – The Danish National Centre for Social Research.
· Holt, H., Geerdsen, L.P., Christensen, G., Klitgaard, C. & Lind, M.L. (2006). Det kønsopdelte arbejdsmarked – en kvantitativ og kvalitativ belysning [The gender segregated labour market – a quantitative and qualitative illustration]. Copenhagen: The Danish National Institute of Social Research, 06:02.
· Emerek, R. & Holt, H. (ed.) (2008) Lige Muligheder – Frie Valg? [Equal Possibilities? – Free Choices? The Gender Segregated Labour Market]. København: SFI 08:24