The EUSARF 2014 conference is organised by SFI

2013.12.20: The 13th European Scientific Association for Residential and Family Care for Children and Adolescents Conference (EUSARF) 2014 will be held in Copenhagen in Denmark on 2-5 September 2014.

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Danish social research is a newsletter in English from SFI – The Danish National Centre for Social Research. The newsletter is published four times a year. The main focus is to inform researchers and research-institutions in other countries about the work of SFI to encourage international research collaboration.    


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CSSR - Your portal to Danish Data

Center for Survey and Survey/Register data (CSSR) is a researcher-driven network supporting quantitative research in social and health sciences. The aim of CSSR is to promote availability, quality and comparability of Danish surveys.
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Current projects

Academic interventions for children with low socioeconomic background » 
US. 2758,  Researcher(s): Jens Diechtricson

Dynamic assessment as a school-based intervention tool for children in care » 
US. 2744,  Researcher(s): Misja Eiberg

Training- and habilitation for children and young ones with disabilities – an overview of relevant research  » 
US. 2753,  Researcher(s): Rikke Eline Christensen

Implementation of employment policy. » 
us. 2740,  Researcher(s): Rebekka Bille

Gold Indicators on the UN Convention on Rights for Persons with Disabilities  » 
US. 2742,  Researcher(s): Steen Bengtsson


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17th Nordic Migration Conference

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