Exploring Paradigms of Crime Reduction

An empirical longitudinal study

WP 03:2008


Author(s): Keith Soothill, Mogens Nygaard Christoffersen, M. Azhar Hussain, and Brian Francis

Publisher: SFI

Date of publication:

Using Danish registers for a 1980 birth cohort of 29,944 males with parental information and following up these cases for 24 years, the study considers four paradigms of crime reduction (parental child-rearing, structural factors around adolescence, locality and individual resources).  Focusing on offenders with first-time convictions for shoplifting (n=1,778), for violence (n=1,585) and for burglary (n=1,208), all four paradigms made a contribution to risk of first time offending for all three crimes.  The counter factual analysis indicated that a focus on structural issues within a society may have more widespread benefits, but the assumed causal links need to be further explored. The use of population registers, under controlled conditions, provides an important window on criminal careers.