SFI - The Danish National Centre for Social Research

The Centre conducts research and carrires out commissioned projects in the area of welfare state policies, and disseminates the results. Its primary task is to generate new knowledge of relevance to society.

The Centre provides:  - International research - Independent evaluations - Professional data collection - Consultancy and dissemination - Internationally qualified research studies on the effects of social programmes.  Read more about SFI »


Danish Social Research - News from SFI


Danish social research is a newsletter in English from SFI – The Danish National Centre for Social Research. The newsletter is published four times a year. The main focus is to inform researchers and research-institutions in other countries about the work of SFI to encourage international research collaboration.    


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Research publications

Scientific papers and articles written by SFI researchers but published in journals an books.
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Working papers, report abstracts and other SFI publications in English.
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CSSR - Your portal to Danish Data

Center for Survey and Survey/Register data (CSSR) is a researcher-driven network supporting quantitative research in social and health sciences. The aim of CSSR is to promote availability, quality and comparability of Danish surveys.
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Current projects

Nordic Fields of Higher Education. Structures and Transformations of Organization and Recruitment, 1985-2015 » 
US. 2833,  Researcher(s): Jens Peter Thomsen

Class differentials in higher education participation rates of equally talented young people. Why highly able children from underprivileged backgrounds do not progress to higher education. » 
US. 2835,  Researcher(s): Jens Peter Thomsen

English summary » 
US. 2818,  Researcher(s): Ditte Andersen

Evaluation of ’Conflict management – when parents divorce’ » 
US. 2839,  Researcher(s): Karen Margrethe Dahl

The Child Maltreatment Project » 
US. 2789,  Researcher(s): Mogens Christoffersen


Website: Centre for Survey and Survey/Register Data

Journal of Youth Studies - Conference 2015

Hyperlink to subsite: Children and young people in Denmark

The Danish Longitudinal Survey of Children
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