• The factors (including business reactions to scarcity) playing a role in the changing demand for competencies, specific gender, etc.
  • The factors involved in business-level recruitment and retainment behaviour (qualifications, inclusiveness, in-house training, employment terms, etc.)
  • The impact of financial and non-financial incentives on the supply of labour, including on the various dimensions in the supply of labour and on job preferences of employees (participation/retirement, mobility, desired working hours and competencies of the labour force through education and supplementary education)

Publications on labour market

The Social Performance Of Businesses, Yearbook 2013
11/29/2013, Report abstract, 13:40
Author(s): Helle Holt, Vibeke Jakobsen & Søren Jensen.

Falck's Partnership Model For The Sickness Benefit Area, Evaluation of public-private collaboration
11/27/2013, Report abstract, 13:36
Author(s): Rebekka Bille, Malene Rode Larsen, Jan Høgelund & Helle Holt. Read more...

Better Qualifications, Better Pay?,
9/26/2013, Report abstract, 13:25
Author(s): Mona Larsen & Helle Sophie Bøje Houlberg.

Pay Differences Between Men And Women 2007-2011,
9/18/2013, Report abstract, 13:24
Author(s): Mona Larsen & Helle Sophie Bøje Houlberg.

Social-Economic Enterprises In Denmark, Employing the marginalised
9/17/2013, Report abstract, 13:23
Author(s): Frederik Thuesen, Henning Bjerregaard Bach, Karsten Albæk, Søren Jensen, Nadja Lodberg Hansen & Kristina Weibel. Read more...

Job Retention For Injured Employees, The role and experience of enterprises
9/12/2013, Report abstract, 13:27
Author(s): Helle Holt, Klara Nilsson.

Framework Conditions For Municipal Employment Measures,
9/12/2013, Report abstract, 13:14
Author(s): Brian Krogh Graversen, Mona Larsen & Jacob Nielsen Arendt. Read more...

Earmarking Postnatal Leave For Fathers, A literature study
8/30/2013, Report abstract, 13:22
Author(s): Sara Jul Jacobsen, Alice Heegaard Klynge & Helle Holt. Read more...

The Danish Au Pair Scheme, A qualitative and quantitative investigation
5/7/2013, Report abstract, 13:02
Author(s): Anika Liversage, Rebekka Bille & Vibeke Jakobsen.

Disability and employment, Developments between 2002 and 2012
2/27/2013, Report abstract, 13:01
Author(s): Marie Møller Kjeldsen, Helle Sophie Houlberg & Jan Høgelund. Read more...

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Current projects

Gender, organization and career in the public sector in Denmark,  (US 2327),  Mikkel Bo Madsen & Vibeke Lehmann

Globalisation and International Organizations,  (US 1741),  Mikkel Bo Madsen

Health, Disability Insurance, and Retirement in Denmark,  (Us 2599),  Michael Jørgensen

Health, Wealth and Savings,  (US 2231),  Torben Heien Nielsen

Increasing the employment of older workers,  (US 2212),  Mona Larsen, Thomas Lund, Trine Filges, Anders Bruun Jonassen, Peder J. Pedersen

Indirect globalisation effects for business enterprises in Denmark,  (US 1944),  Mikkel Bo Madsen

Interviews with Power. Between a dialogical and an agonistic approach,  (US 2195),  Frederik Thuesen

Job Search and Mobility,  (US 1722),  Niels Henning Bjørn and Trine Filges

Men’s and women’s share of parental leave in perspective of their labour market position ,  (US 2150),  Mette Lausten and Bente Marianne Olsen

MYBL - More years: better lives,  (US 2623),  Chantal Nielsen

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