• The factors (including business reactions to scarcity) playing a role in the changing demand for competencies, specific gender, etc.
  • The factors involved in business-level recruitment and retainment behaviour (qualifications, inclusiveness, in-house training, employment terms, etc.)
  • The impact of financial and non-financial incentives on the supply of labour, including on the various dimensions in the supply of labour and on job preferences of employees (participation/retirement, mobility, desired working hours and competencies of the labour force through education and supplementary education)

Publications on labour market

Gender-based Earnings Statistics and Report on Equal Pay, Evaluation of relevant legislation
16/12/2011, Report abstract, 11:48
Author(s): Helle Holt & Mona Larsen.

The social performance of enterprises, Yearbook 2011
30/11/2011, Report abstract, 11:43
Author(s): Lars Brink Thomsen, Helle Holt, Søren Jensen & Frederik Thuesen. Read more...

Recruitment and retention of highly qualified labour, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, the UK and Canada
11/11/2011, Report abstract, 11:42
Author(s): Frederik Thuesen, Mette Kirstine Tørslev & Tina Gudrun Jensen. Read more...

Gender, disability and employment in 2010,
04/10/2011, Report abstract, 11:36
Author(s): Lars Brink Thomsen & Jan Høgelund.

Flexicurity, wage dynamics and inequality over the life-cycle,
21/09/2011, Working Paper, WP 05:2011
Author(s): Paul Bingley, Lorenzo Cappellari & Niels Westergård-Nielsen.

Women in construction, An interview study
31/08/2011, Report abstract, 11:27
Author(s): Anika Liversage & Louise Leelo Knudsen.

55-70-year-olds staying on the labour market, Behaviour, expectations, agreements and knowledge about regulations
19/08/2011, Report abstract, 11:13
Author(s): Mona Larsen, Henning Bjerregaard Bach og Lise Sand Ellerbæk. Read more...

Disability and employment in 2010, Regional differences
16/08/2011, Report abstract, 11:22
Author(s): Lars Brink Thomsen & Jan Høgelund.

Closer to the labour market?, Impact measurement of employment efforts for unemployed people who are not ready to take on a job
10/08/2011, Report abstract, 11:11
Author(s): Brian Krogh Graversen.

Are traditional women’s occupations low-paid?, An analysis of the relation between pay and the proportion of women in specific work functions
21/06/2011, Report abstract, 11:19
Author(s): Karsten Albæk & Lars Brink Thomsen.

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Current projects

“Private and Public Returns to Higher Education”,  (US. 2823),  Hans Henrik Sievertsen

Trainee- and Apprenticeships in Denmark,  (US. 2792),  Martin Bøg

Intra-household cooperation on parental leave,  (US. 2784),  Lisbeth Palmhøj Nielsen

The Importance of Multiple Abilities for Labor Market Outcomes,  (us 2725),  Alice Heegaard Klynge

Disincentive Effects of a Generous Social Assistance Program,  (US 2663),  Anders Bruun Jonassen

The Returns to Multiple Abilities,  (US 2674),  Alice Heegaard Klynge

The Selection Model with Endogenous Ability Supply,  (US 2454),  Alice Heegaard Klynge

Occupational segregation and the gender wage gap ,  (US 2560),  Karsten Albæk

Active labor market programme participation for unemployment insurance recipients,  (US 2495),  Trine Filges

The effectiveness of active labor market policies for the sick-listed ,  (US 2436),  Jan Høgelund & Trine Filges

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