• The factors (including business reactions to scarcity) playing a role in the changing demand for competencies, specific gender, etc.
  • The factors involved in business-level recruitment and retainment behaviour (qualifications, inclusiveness, in-house training, employment terms, etc.)
  • The impact of financial and non-financial incentives on the supply of labour, including on the various dimensions in the supply of labour and on job preferences of employees (participation/retirement, mobility, desired working hours and competencies of the labour force through education and supplementary education)

Publications on labour market

Gender-based Earnings Statistics and Report on Equal Pay, Evaluation of relevant legislation
12/16/2011, Report abstract, 11:48
Author(s): Helle Holt & Mona Larsen.

The social performance of enterprises, Yearbook 2011
11/30/2011, Report abstract, 11:43
Author(s): Lars Brink Thomsen, Helle Holt, Søren Jensen & Frederik Thuesen. Read more...

Recruitment and retention of highly qualified labour, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, the UK and Canada
11/11/2011, Report abstract, 11:42
Author(s): Frederik Thuesen, Mette Kirstine Tørslev & Tina Gudrun Jensen. Read more...

Gender, disability and employment in 2010,
10/4/2011, Report abstract, 11:36
Author(s): Lars Brink Thomsen & Jan Høgelund.

Flexicurity, wage dynamics and inequality over the life-cycle,
9/21/2011, Working Paper, WP 05:2011
Author(s): Paul Bingley, Lorenzo Cappellari & Niels Westergård-Nielsen.

Women in construction, An interview study
8/31/2011, Report abstract, 11:27
Author(s): Anika Liversage & Louise Leelo Knudsen.

55-70-year-olds staying on the labour market, Behaviour, expectations, agreements and knowledge about regulations
8/19/2011, Report abstract, 11:13
Author(s): Mona Larsen, Henning Bjerregaard Bach og Lise Sand Ellerbæk. Read more...

Disability and employment in 2010, Regional differences
8/16/2011, Report abstract, 11:22
Author(s): Lars Brink Thomsen & Jan Høgelund.

Closer to the labour market?, Impact measurement of employment efforts for unemployed people who are not ready to take on a job
8/10/2011, Report abstract, 11:11
Author(s): Brian Krogh Graversen.

Are traditional women’s occupations low-paid?, An analysis of the relation between pay and the proportion of women in specific work functions
6/21/2011, Report abstract, 11:19
Author(s): Karsten Albæk & Lars Brink Thomsen.

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