After the doctoral degree? Studies of the careers of male and female phDs in Sweden


Researcher(s): Anna Meyer

Head of department: Lars Pico Geerdsen

Ref. No.: US 2054

The project aims at investigating the labor market outcomes and careers of male and female Ph.D.s in Sweden and consists of three parts. In the first part, a cross section of all individuals holding Ph.D.s in Sweden in 2004 is examined in order to determine what has influenced the decision to choose a career inside respectively outside of academia, and any income differences that such a decision might have resulted in. We will also investigate if there are any gender differences or any differences over time regarding these outcomes. In the second part of the project, longitudinal data of individuals graduating in 90/91, 94/95 and 00/01 until 2004 is analyzed, with the aim to investigate what determines if the individual (in each period) stays in or leaves academia, if the decision to stay or leave is influenced by the individual’s gender, if there are income differences between the genders and between those who have chosen a career inside respectively outside of academia, and if any differences have changed over time. In the third part of the project, more detailed information of those graduating in 90/91 is collected through a survey. Thereby, factors that might influence the income, career development (i.e. academic rank) and the decision to stay in, or leave, academia, but which are not available in register data, such as family situation and number of publications, can be analyzed more thoroughly.