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Saving for Retirement

Saving for retirement The population is aging; expected life length is increasing, and the share of old age pensioners will increase dramatically in the coming years. This raises concerns about future pension provision, and makes it important to design mechanisms to encourage certain groups to provide for themselves in retirement to a greater extent. This research project investigates empirically how individuals save for retirement by answering three research questions: A. How do shocks to household resources affect pension savings over the business cycle? B. How is life expectancy related to income and pension savings? C. Do tax incentives for pension savings increase total saving? Understanding savings behaviour is fundamentally about understanding the way individuals make intertemporal trade offs. Based on a very ambitious data collection initiative where a large scale repeated survey is combined with Danish register data this project will analyze how people at different life stages and business cycle settings make such trade offs. This will improve our basic knowledge of individual economic behaviour, but also about how pension savings decisions can be affected by public policy, thereby enabling policy makers to make more informed decisions.
Projektleder Kræn Blume Jensen, SFI
Periode 01.01.2012 - 31.12.2016
Status Afsluttet

Kræn Blume Jensen

DIREKTE 33 69 77 99 E-MAIL kbj@vive.dk

Dette projekt hører under Samfund og sammenhængskraft, Ældres levevilkår
emneord: Pension, Velfærdssamfundet

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