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Social Cohesion and Ethnic Diversity

In Denmark and, more generally, the western world, social cohesion is a key term within current political debates and policy formulations. Thus, local and national policies aiming at the integration of ethnic minorities refer to social cohesion a precondition for social and political stability and peaceful co-existence. SOCED will investigate social cohesion in a local urban setting—the Municipality of Copenhagen—characterized by high levels of ethnic diversity. It will focus on both the conceptual and normative aspects of social cohesion and nationality; civil society practices and their impact on social cohesion; and everyday encounters between ethnic minorities and majorities, including perspectives on religion, differences of generation and gender. The project will identify significant barriers to integration and new ways of thinking about mechanisms of exclusion and the promotion of social cohesion in ethnically mixed neighbourhoods. Furthermore, SOCED will be multidisciplinary and involve a plurality of theoretical, qualitative and quantitative approaches.
Projektleder Lisbeth Pedersen, SFI
Periode 01.02.2010 - 29.11.2016
Status Afsluttet

Lisbeth Pedersen

DIREKTE 29 43 53 60 E-MAIL lp@vive.dk
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Dette projekt hører under Beskæftigelse og arbejdsmarked, Samfund og sammenhængskraft
emneord: Integration, Etniske minoriteter, Samfundsdeltagelse

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