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Labour Supply Responses to Tax Reforms in Denmark
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Working paper

Labour Supply Responses to Tax Reforms in Denmark

This paper is about the effects of income taxes on the number of hours worked in Denmark. While taxes finance government expenditure, taxes may also discourage work, and striking the balance between taxation and expenditure is a perennial topic of political discussion. The extent to which tax incentives affect labour supply is an important input to the policy debate, yet the latest evidence is based on Danish data collected in the 1990’s. Since these earlier studies were conducted, the tax system has been reformed a number of times, leading to substantial falls in marginal tax rates, and new and better data has been collected. This paper brings the evidence basis up to date by estimat-ing econometric models on combined survey and administrative data covering the period 1997-2015.
Earlier iterations of this study have benefitted from comments received from Hans Bækgaard, Carl-Johan Dalgaard, Lars Gårn Hansen, John Smidt, Michael Svarer, Torben Tranæs and David Tønners. Nevertheless, all remaining errors are those of the author alone.
The paper was commissioned and financed by DØRS.
Forfattere Paul Bingley, SFI
Udgivelsesdato 07.12.2018
Sprog Engelsk
Sidetal 35

Paul Bingley

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